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I am not playing the piano, that was another guy with the same name.

This is what Ingolf looks like, according to Niels Henrik Pedersen och Carlsen/if:

A maybe more realistic picture is here



"Thou shalt not differentiate between us and them".
On this single planet to our disposal we cannot afford to divide people into groups with different properties. The spread within every such group is almost always larger than the difference between the different groups.

I am working in the Liquid Crystal Physics group at Department of Physics, Göteborg University.

My home address is Rundbergsgatan 11, SE-431 61 Mölndal, Sweden.

Mobile telephone +46-702 895125.

Telephone at home: +46-31 87 53 25.

Fax +1-530-431-2543 (in USA)

E-mail ingolf.dahl@telia.com

Facebook www.facebook.com/people/Ingolf-Dahl/100000461762028 and LinkedIn at http://se.linkedin.com/in/ingolfdahl.

My professional interests are liquid crystals, especially surface effects and electrically controlled surfaces, ferroelectric liquid crystals, electrically controlled colour filters and elasticity theory and order parameters in liquid crystals. I am also interested in artificial intelligence and various aspects of computers, for instance computer graphics and sounds and mathematical programming.

My paper about my Mueller matrix measurement system is here

A review of the book "Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals" by S. T. Lagerwall can be found here.

Mathematica stuff: visit my Mathematica page

Do you enjoy thinking? (Essay for the teacher's exam) What is it like to be a human?

I have some webshot photo albums that you are welcome to study.

My family: My lovely wife is Berit Dahl, and we have 4 children: Olof Dahl, Alexander Dahl, Teresia Kling, and Einar Dahl, and two grandchildren: Ivar and Leonora.

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